Editio Dialog offers expertise in two distinct areas. The company has represented foreign publishers and agents since it was founded in 2001; in 2010, it expanded its portfolio of activities to work with an increasing number of authors in both France and Germany.
Our contacts
The agency is based in Lille in northern France, placing it in the heart of Europe. We regularly work with publishers in Germany, France, Italy, and Spain, and we also collaborate with agencies in other parts of the world.
The man behind the business
Michael Wenzel, who founded and now manages the agency, studied art history, Italian literature, archaeology, and musicology in Göttingen, Perugia, and Florence, and wrote his doctoral thesis on italianità. His interest in cultural transfer and his abiding love of the written word led him to found his own literary agency. He is fluent in German, English, French, and Italian.

Our team
The agency works with a number of experts to select manuscripts and advise authors:

Catherine Beck - has been a freelance reader for a number of leading publishers for over a decade, working on both originals and translations and working closely with authors and translators. She is delighted to have found her dream job: being paid to read all day.

Carlo Feber - is an author in his own right as well as teaching autobiographical and creative writing on line and in seminars. His published works include three historical novels.

Joël Falcoz - has translated some twenty books for a number of publishing companies, mainly from German to French. He also works as a copy editor and reader.

Angélique Motte - has a doctorate in literature, specialising in the pre-Romantic era, and has taught French for ten years. Her love of literature extends well beyond the classroom, and she particularly enjoys bringing books to a wider audience through her work with a number of publishers.